Our Mission

“To exceed Expectations”

Our Goals

“To provide Quality and Complete Services in Physiotherapy”

All the Physiotherapists who work at Kelmscott Physiotherapy are members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association which is the professional body that represents Physiotherapists. All of our physiotherapists have a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) however the senior physiotherapists have acheived either Master level university qualifications or have been practicing for longer than 10 years.

All Physiotherapists are also registered under the WA Physiotherapy Registration Board.  To practice as a Physiotherapist in WA you have to be registered by the board.

As a consumer of this service, we look forward to any feedback you can provide, both in what we can do to improve, and in what you feel we do well.

Please feel free to call at any time if you require information or have a concern, as our physiotherapists may be available to talk to you on the phone.  If they are unavailable, they will certainly call you back as soon as possible.