Chronic Pain & Disease Management

Health & Quality of Life

We treat people with chronic diseases and terminal conditions.  Our aim is to improve the health and quality of life for those of you with a chronic/complicated or terminal condition.


Your condition may be as the result of:

  • Long Term Injury
  • Motor Vehicle Injury
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Chronic Disease & Illness Management
    • cardiovascular conditions (such as coronary heart disease and stroke)
    • diabetes
    • many respiratory diseases (including asthma and COPD)
    • musculoskeletal diseases (arthritis and osteoporosis)

Referral Required

See your GP/doctor for a referral. As an eligible patient you can claim Medicare rebates for a maximum of five allied health visits (this includes all visits to any allied health practitioner) per calendar year.

Tailored Treatment Plans

We can design a treatment plan for you and liaise with other members of your health care team where appropriate. Treatment includes hands-on therapy and exercises designed to keep you moving and flexible.

We also use Hydrotherapy, pool based exercises, for treatment and pain relief.

See your doctor for a referral and then call us at Kelmscott Physio on (08) 9390 5566 or Find A Time to come see us for an assessment and a treatment plan.