Worker’s Compensation


We can work with your GP, workplace and other health professionals to manage your injury and allow you to successfully remain at, or return to work.

Referral Required

If you injure yourself at work you will need to visit your general practitioner for a review. Your GP can then decide the best plan for your treatment and liaise with your workplace and the insurance company regarding your treatment.  If your injury is deemed to be work related your GP will then write a referral for physiotherapy treatment.

Tailored Treatment Plans

We can design a treatment plan for you and liaise with other members of your health care team where appropriate. Treatment includes hands-on therapy and exercises designed to keep you moving and flexible and to allow you to remain working or return to work as soon as possible.

For any exercise components we will set up a program just for you and you have the choice of using our on-site gym or we can meet you at your gym. We also use Hydrotherapy, pool based exercises, for treatment and pain relief.

See your doctor for a referral and then call us at Kelmscott Physio on (08) 9390 5566 or Find A Time to come see us for an assessment and a treatment plan.